Trans Global Investment Partners, LLC expands its capability and capacity through the synergistic cooperation with complementary companies. This is particularly germane today since no company always has the requisite resources be they technical and/or capital to successfully meet market opportunities that are otherwise ideally suited for its strategic interest, if not for a few missing pieces. It is the "Partners" in our name that speaks volumes and is our strategy for meeting possibilities where some might feel overwhelm…"We make the impossible possible".

Our Affiliates

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Who we partner with

TransGlobal Partners, Inc.

TransGlobal, a US resident company, offers industrial development consulting services, which include the design, construction, and management of turn-key infrastructures and facilities, such as oil & gas terminals, refineries, ports, power generation and manufacturing plants.

European Petroleum Projects AB

EPPA , headquartered in Sweden, is engaged in engineering , construction and management of various oil industry and energy projects in Europe and Middle East countries.

Avantegarde International

Avantegarde International core trading business is sourcing, supplying and trading crude oil and refined petroleum products. Risk management and hedging solutions, as well as storage tanks & terminal Development. Also involved with offshore drilling.