Key Strengths

Key Strengths

Deal Support

Setting clear objectives for a transaction and developing an action plan and critical path to achieve the transaction objectives will significantly improve value outcomes. Our professionals are highly experienced in helping organizations prepare for and complete transactions, including the development of detailed pre and post transaction plans, carve-out planning and implementation, synergy identification and realization, and integration planning and execution.


While successfully bringing the right people to the table is key, the real value that TransGlobal creates comes though tenaciously negotiating favorable terms on a variety of issues for our clients. TransGlobal provides a range of services to support buyers and sellers in their deal and contract negotiations. Sale and purchase agreements often contain contractual provisions that allow for the adjustment of the purchase price based on specific metrics. Our experts combine their deal and dispute resolution experience to help our clients minimize or resolve disputes.


Given our vast global network of connections throughout our focus areas, TransGlobal has the resources to not only meet but to exceed our clients' expectations. TransGlobal will only undertake those engagements where our expertise and relationships add substantial value and where our clients receive more from a transaction by working with our experts to expose every opportunity.


TransGlobal's professionals drive transactions and raise both growth and acquisition capital. Our expertise, people and process provide our clients with unique access to capital and liquidity by effectively creating markets through innovative thought, existing and developing relationships.


Through our professionals' vast experience, TransGlobal has become experts in representing individuals and companies. Our professionals have the depth and breadth of experience necessary to provide clients with comprehensive services to suit each client's unique situation. TransGlobal professionals hold advanced degrees in many fields and professional certifications in impactful high demand areas of expertise.


Adversity leads to innovative solutions. One of TransGlobal's strengths is our ability to bring innovative ideas to our clients – a strength that can only be earned through experience matched with out of the box thinking. When our clients are faced with their most complex problems, they come to us and our professionals help them overcome challenges by thinking creatively to conceptualize and implement sophisticated solutions.


Our professionals have owned, operated, bought and sold businesses themselves and understand the unique challenges that businesses face in the increasingly complex global markets. As a result, we provide practicality and common sense to our decision making. We provide objective advice, direction and education, born of experience, which gives our clients a substantial advantage.


To achieve significant goals during challenging times requires not only experience and expertise, but most of all determination. TransGlobal's professionals make a simple but important promise – we will use all of our experience, resources and creativity to deliver the best possible result for our clients. Since our success is measured only by the success of our clients, we are determined to deliver not simply what our clients expect, but what they would expect if they knew what was possible.