The Principals

The TransGlobal Investment Partners team is deep, we have extensive connections in government and industry that we bring to an engagement.

Rollie O. Kimbrough, Jr.


As President, Rollie leads a team of financial and technical professionals whose focus is on principal investment in value-added growth capital projects that range from real estate development to complex industrial systems with price tags of several millions to multi-billions USD. He has founded multiple for-profit enterprises as well as several not-for-profit corporations. He has over forty years of experience in entrepreneurial ventures and successfully built an Information Technology (IT) company that was awarded of over $250 Million USD and created hundreds of high-tech and administrative jobs.

Giving back is a fundamental requirement of Rollie's philosophy. As such, he purchased a property in Washington, DC, converted it into a $10,000,000 residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed youth. Rollie, also has considerable international exposure having worked in Guyana South American in the bauxite industry; in Ghana he help obtain a loan from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation to finance a food processing plant and in Liberia West Africa Rollie raised equity and structured debt for harvesting lumber from a 100,000-hectare allocation and repurposed the cleared land for rubber tree cultivation.

With extensive experience in middle market investment banking, Rollie is particularly sensitive to the needs of entrepreneurs and owners of privately held businesses. "I have watched and admired many people who have gotten where they are through hard work, a willingness to take some risk, and a determination to succeed even if they fail the first time. That attitude and approach are inspiring to me."

Rollie's academic training includes undergrad Physics and Mathematics, Youngstown State University, Graduate Physics and Computer Science at George Washington University and Master of Business Administration (Finance/Accounting) American Intercontinental University.

The mission of TransGlobal is to be the leading trusted advisor and financier to our clients in key aspects of their business and personal investments. At TransGlobal we assist our clients as they engage opportunities in the marketplace, consider capital formation and preservation, and analyze strategic alternatives.

Nick Farjam

Partner/Sr. Vice President Business Development

Nick has more than thirty years of experience in Management Consulting, managing large scale construction projects, including deep water marine facilities, conducting of land reclamation & port construction projects in Ireland, preparation of design and turnkey engineering & construction proposals for a deep water port in Sao Tome, preparation of engineering design proposals for the construction of a deep water surge wall to protect the city of New Orleans from category 5 hurricanes, creation of and development of strategic plans for Agro-Industrial development in Africa, Angola and Liberia; and design of a research and a development program to build and test a prototype liquid nitrogen electrical power generation plant in Detroit, Michigan. He also has extensive experience in oil and gas projects financing.

Charles E. Tate

Chief Operating Officer

Charles oversees and manages operations of the TransGlobal; ensuring operations are in sync with our strategy. He takes a leadership role in the establishment of performance indicators, and monitoring of performance against goals, and develops and administers operational and administrative policies, standards and practices. Prior to joining TransGlobal, Charles held the title of Chief Procurement Policy and Contract Review with the U.S. Department of Defense. He has also served as economic policy advisor to members of the U.S congress and Cabinet Officers in the Executive Branch. Charles has also been the president of Booker T. Washington Foundation; a research foundation engaged in industrial and sustainable development programs. Under Charles leadership the foundation has pioneered in the conduct of pilot and demonstration programs in strategic sectors of U.S. economy to promote the participation of under-developed and economically disadvantaged communities in the ownership of emerging and established industries, including, cable television, rail transport, alternative energy, public schools, culture commodities, and digital media technologies and production systems. He has risen over $150 Million in seed capital to finance these ventures.

Anthony Jones

Senior Investment Banking Consultant

Anthony ("Tony") – is responsible for bond issuance and has 30 over years of experience in this professional activity. He has worked for selected public jurisdictions and authorities that included Washington, DC; Detroit, MT; Atlanta, GA; and Newark, NJ. His efforts resulted in participation in tax-exempt bond deals worth $2.2 billion during his tenure. He has over 30 years of experience of working with public interest group (United States Conference of Mayors and National League of Cities) and utilized these organizations to reach new clients and retain established relationships; as well as being responsible for community and corporate out reach for political fundraising primarily for local elected officials.

He was a principal responsible for market research and knowledge creation of ongoing goals and objectives of client cities as it related to their respective legislation and administrative activities. He had direct day-to-day responsibility for securing and negotiation of contracts and for development of legislative strategies to secure federal grants and contracts worth more than $800 million for client cities. Funds secured directly benefited client cities and were used for activities such as airport development, low and moderate-income housing, economic development and human development programs. Tony continues, as he has done for over four decades, advises current U.S. Mayors while maintaining excellent relationships with former ones and their respective staff.

Claude M. Olsen

Senior Investment Banking Consultant

Claude leverages his extensive industry knowledge, skills, and experience in transaction- oriented projects, within the structured finance and/or investment-banking environments, to achieve almost invariably the desired result. He brings broad organizational perspective to an engagement and is results-oriented in all activities and projects. He has more than 17 years of experience within the banking industry; with focus on international banking. His strong quantitative and analytical skill sets have been further honed by academic study and industry experience has matured an effective professional with extensive knowledge of complex financial structures and products within debt and capital markets. He is highly respected within the investment-banking industry and maintains effective relationships with senior management, professional consultants and clients.

Another essential skill-set he brings is evaluating highly detailed transaction documents and agreements a precursor to Mergers and Acquisitions, Asset Management Equity, Credit Derivatives Loan and Foreclosures Bankruptcy Workouts, Tax Exposure/Risk Management and drafting Private Placement and Offering Memorandums. Claude is married and has a Masters of Business Administration from UMASS.